Shipping policy

6.1. Shipping and Delivery of the Products that are ordered on the Website shall be undertaken by the Website through their logistics partner or by the individual Sellers of the respective Products. The delivery charges in respect thereof will be reflected in the final statement of payments that are to be made by the User in respect of the Products.
6.2. The User shall be notified of the estimated time of delivery of the Products. In case of delay, the Website may, at its sole discretion, inform the User of the same; provided that the Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused to the User on account of such delay.
6.3. The Website maintains a strict no return policy. Accordingly, the Company shall not accept any return requests from Users in respect of any Products that are sold and delivered.
6.4. If any of the Products are damaged during transit, or if the expiry date in respect of any of the Products has already passed as on the date of delivery thereof, or there are any other defects in the Products, then such Products may be returned to the Website for replacement, whereupon we shall notify the Seller of such replacement request. The Sellers shall thereafter be liable to process such replacement request in respect of the Products. It is clarified that any claims relating to such replacement requests shall be the sole liability of the Sellers without any liability or recourse to the Company and/or the Website in any manner whatsoever in respect thereof.